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November 12, 2010

baby and mom
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Not much going on here. Get up, go to work, get home, get hugs, eat supper, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

I did get to watch E's swim lesson for the first time last night, which was fine. He made it across the pool himself, with help from a floatie.

Josh has to be away all day Saturday so its just E and me -- and my mother, which should make E very happy.

Monday we have the "orientation visit" at his new preschool, so I'm looking forward to telling you about that. (I'm also looking forward to hopefully telling you that there wasn't any huge disaster, but we'll see.) Hannah has been sending daily "we'll miss you" cards home with him from Daycare, but somehow I think they'll both be better off.

Parents are Junkies from Slate. Its totally true.
"Children regularly give parents the kind of highs that only narcotics can rival. The unpredictability of those moments of bliss is an important factor in their addictiveness."

Have a good weekend!