“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” - Einstein

November 22, 2010

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Some weeks stretch on for ever. Other weeks, its hard to find time to eat, or go to the bathroom. Last week was one of the latter.

My job is one of those jobs where its feast or famine. We have certain times when we are overloaded with work, and other times when we're casting about for something to do. Last week three giant projects all came due at exactly the same time -- on the same day, even -- leaving me with little time for anything other than work: household chores, social life, my family, meals, shopping -- all these were cast to second place.

Add to that that E had his two "orientation days" at his new preschool, and the timing belt broke on Josh's car, leaving us with a single car and jobs in two different cities, and its been an exciting adventure.

I'm so fortunate that Josh is both willing and able to simply pick up all the threads when I drop them. E is equally comfortable with Daddy getting supper (which is what happens most nights; Josh is the cook in our house); giving him a bath; doing bedtime (although if I'm there he wants me to do the stories - end of story).

So, anyhow, tomorrow I'll tell you the exciting tale of E's very first day at his new preschool.

Anyhow, here's something to read:

A Former I-Banker Explains Why The "Mommy Track" Was The Right Track For Her

(This article really irks me, because its so judgmental. I'd be interested to read your take on it.)

Its the Childcare, Stupid


jenne.heise said...

The i-banker article? Oh, spare me, it's a 20-something childfree journalist whinging.

The "it's about the childcare"-- oh my my my! Yup, the writer hit the bull's-eye. (I was amused, even if it cost me Sanity Points, to see the libertarian who wanted to suggest that it would be better for the author-- a single mom-- to stay home with her kids than to get government help with childcare. As usual, some people just don't get it.)

1/3 of my alleged take-home pay goes toward day-care. If I really was a single mom, I'd be scrod, because the remainder wouldn't let us get by... and I'm making more than I ever dreamed of making, and have less debt payments than I ever have.