In search of adventure

August 30, 2011

In search of adventure
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We are getting my son ready for his first day of Kindergarten, which is next week (Thursday the 8th).

He has new clothes, a new backpack, a lunchbox and a thermos and a water-bottle that all match.

This is his last week at his preschool, and every morning we talk about "this is your last Monday at preschool" "this is your last Tuesday at preschool". All the teachers there have been great about congratulating him for going to kindergarten, and he's starting to get that this is a significant milestone to be celebrated, not a transition to fear.

Tomorrow, he has his kindergarten "assessment" where they get to find out that he can count to 100 and knows all his letters and reads all the easy words (and some of the hard ones).

On Thursday night, we attend an orientation night at his new school - we'll meet his teachers, see his classroom, attend an all-school picnic.

Friday, his preschool has a graduation party for all the kids who are starting kindergarten.

Monday, of course, is a holiday. Tuesday, he's going to spend the day with his beloved Sarah, and her daughter Hannah, and his friend Maddie - the kids he used to be in care with. Sort of a last hurrah before they all head off to kindergarten and into their separate big kid lives.

Wednesday, I'm taking the day off and he and I are going to bum around. I think we might go to the beach, if it's nice.

Thursday morning at 8:24 am he gets on the bus and goes off to his first day at public school. A little kid no more.