"Love is a reciprocal torture" - Proust

March 27, 2008

E has recently adopted the habit of screaming as though he were being branded every time we put him into his car-seat. Yesterday afternoon I got to see this new and delightful behavior firsthand for the first time.

After Josh finished strapping him in and had gotten in the car himself, he turned to me --

"I don't know how much more of this I can take. Every time I have to do that, I feel like Doctor Mengele."

"Honey, don't worry. Doctor Mengele wouldn't have felt bad about it."


Train Geek said...

Jamie went through the car seat screaming phase too. You had to hold him down in the seat with one hand while clipping him in with the other. Thankfully it only lasted for a week or two. I never did figure out why he was doing it. My guess is that he got pinched by a strap or clip one time.