“I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart.” - Pope John XXIII

December 7, 2010

Eye - pink
Eye - pink
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So, yeah, the eyedrops.

Last Wednesday E was diagnosed with conjunctivitis, and ear infection, and a sinus infection. He was utterly miserable. Eye drops are part of the fix to this. Unfortunately, the eye drops administration process may, in fact, be worse that the issue its curing.

We tried just, you know, asking him. We tried bribing him with cookies. We tried taking his beloved Cars cars away if he didn't comply. We even tried doing it while he was asleep. But the only thing that works is brute force. It takes two of us to hold him down, while he squeezes his eyes shut as tightly as he can and screams and cries and begs us not to give him the drops. (The begging and pleading is the worst part.) And yet we have to. So we do, but its one of the most unpleasant things I've ever had to do. E's been through multiple medical procedures in his short life, including two surgeries, but he's never, ever hated anything as much as he hates this.

After Sunday's morning dose he looked at his father and said, quietly, "I hate you."

Josh handled it better than I would have. He told E he loved him, and he was sorry, but because part of our job is to keep E safe and healthy we had to do this. And soon they were snuggled up again.

Still, that kind of thing sticks with you. I sort of thought he'd be older, you know? Before he started in with the "I hate you." Older than four....


jenne.heise said...

I had multiple eye infections as a child and had to get drops. I was physically unable to control myself when someone tried to put something in my eye. (Thank god they don't use the puff test for glaucoma anymore; that was a long drawn out agony every year.) I think I was over 10 before I didn't need to be physically restrained (by then, with my compliance) in order to get the damn drops in.

Miss B. still gives us "I hate you" when we make her take antibiotics, for instance (and she means it at the time) but part of that is that she was given so much latitude early on.

You will get through this. It is agonizing now but when he gets older he will understand. *hugs*