"It can be a verb and a noun, meaning that it can be a mother, all things motherly, or even the action of mothering."

October 8, 2010

iMama - a tale of parenting in the age of the smartphone. (from Slate)

I totally get this. It falls in the "sad but funny" category. Also, its interesting to me that so many parents (including us) do what is described here - do the thing (say, go down the slide), video it, then watch it immediately, then do it again. Its a fundamental change, I think, in the way our children will remember their childhoods vs. the way we remember ours.


jenne.heise said...

Beekman has only recently decided that I am interesting enough to warrant competition with any phone, let alone have a name. "Cat", "Car", etc. got names months ago. However, Mama, Dada, and bottle only recently got names. If I had been calling phones "Mama" all this time, he would have started saying Mama months ago.